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Smoke Chasing Grand Tour 2013

Smoke Chasing is a self-paced BBQ/"Smoke" nationwide Grand Tour that combines your love of motorcycling and great food.

This GT can be completed in any state or states at the discretion of the rider and the GT concept is simple. A rider simply documents 20 or more visits to BBQ and Smoke restaurants, streets and cities taking photos featuring their motorcycle cycle, GT Flag and signs.

SCGT13 is a perfect complement to your day trips, weekend rides, team rides, club rider events, and can easily be part of your long distance adventures and rallies. SCGT13 is open to all makes and models of motorcycle and all types of riders.

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Smoke Chasing Statisics

State Stops
North Carolina 115
South Carolina 8
Tennessee 7
Louisiana 4
Virginia 3
TOTAL: 5 147
States (5 x 5) 25
Smoke Chasing Stops (147 x 1) 147
SIDE DISH: Sponsor Bonus (1x5) 5
SIDE DISH: Getting To Know You (4x2) 8
SIDE DISH: Things That Smoke (5x4) 20
SIDE DISH: I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing (10x1) 10
SIDE DISH: The Cat in the BBQ Hat 15
SIDE DISH: To Go Two 10
SIDE DISH: Say Hello To Your Little Friend, Lyle 20
SIDE DISH: You Name It (10x2) 20
SIDE DISH: BBQ Braggadocio 5
SIDE DISH: Getting Big on the pig (10+ of 10) 10
SIDE DISH: One State is Great! (100+ of 100) 40
TOTAL: 340

Smoke Chasing (log)

Side dish: "Sponsor Bonus" (log)
Visit, or make a purchase from, one of the Smoke Chasing Grand Tour sponsors.

Side dish: "Getting To Know You" (log)
Snap a photo with a restaurant staff member.

Side dish: "Things That Smoke" (log)
Visit something other than a restaurant, city or street that smokes. This cannot be an open fire, a person smoking, or involve a dangerous act but it can be just about anything else that is smoking.

Side dish: "I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing" (log)
Produce photos eating at BBQ/Smoke Restaurants

Side dish: "The Cat in the BBQ Hat" (log)
You should not do this when you mother is out! And we bet you won’t. Seriously, this is a BBQ themed GT. Who in their right mind would go to all of this trouble?
Produce a single photo of your motorcycle, GT Flag, an appropriate BBQ/Smoke sign and the following items: A cup, some milk, a cake, books, a fish, a rake, a toy ship, a little toy man, a red fan, a ball, and an umbrella.

Side dish: "To Go" (log)
Produce a photo of a "to go" plate of BBQ, your GT flag, and motorcycle in front of a city or street sign where the words BBQ or Smoke appear in the sign.

Side dish: "To Go Two" (log)
Produce a photo of a "to go" plate of BBQ, your GT flag and a motorcycle in front of a National Park sign.

Say Hello to Your Little Friend, Lyle
Produce the exact same stuffed bear in every single photo submitted to complete SCGT13 (including side dishes).

Side dish: "You Name It" (log)
The rider is allowed to pick one name like Bob, Bubba, Curley, Red, Mike etc and must document visits to BBQ/Smoke restaurants (no cities or streets) where that name is on the sign along with their motorcycle and GT flag (I picked "Smithfield").

Side dish: "BBQ Braggadocio" (log)
Produce a photo of a BBQ or Smoke sign that claims greatness, superiority, or global dominance.

Side dish: "Getting Big On The Pig" (log)
Submit 10 qualifying BBQ / smoke stops that feature the image of a pig along with your motorcycle, and GT flag.

One State Is Great (log)
Document 50 stops in a single state and earn 20 points. Document 100 stops in a single state and earn another 20 points for a maximum of 40 points.

Google map of locations on my Smoke Chasing Adventure

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