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2015 Black Hills Rally

2015 marked the 75th anniversary of the Black Hills Rally, in Sturgis, South Dakota. It seemed like a great reason to take 2 weeks off do a little riding. In all, we were gone 16 days, visited 17 states, and rode 5000 miles.
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8/1/2015 - All packed up, and ready to roll. 8/1/2015 - We picked up a few friends, and away we rode. 8/1/2015 - We stopped for the night in Midway, Kentucky. 8/2/2015 - Before leaving Kentucky, we visited the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial. 8/2/2015 - Passing through St. Louis, we stopped to see The Gateway Arch. 8/2/2015 - My friend said, "That looks like a postcard."  He was correct. 8/2/2015 - We found a nice, comfortable spot, just outside Kansas City, and stopped for the night. 8/3/2015 - Day 3 involved a whole lot of riding... 8/3/2015 - My favorite riding partner. 8/3/2015 - Day 3 was also the first day we saw South Dakota. 8/3/2015 - And this is what all the riding was for.  On the 3rd night, we camped out in Chamberlain, South Dakota, on a hill overlooking the Missouri River. 8/3/2015 - Another view from our hill overlooking the Missouri River. 8/3/2015 - As you can see, Chamberlain, SD was glad to have us. 8/4/2015 - Now this was a beautiful sight to wake up to. This is how we started day 4. 8/4/2015 - On our journey to Sturgis, we decided to get off the main road, and take a ride through the Badlands. 8/4/2015 - Riding through the Badlands. 8/4/2015 - Beautiful!  The Badlands look nice too. 8/4/2015 - Striking a pose. 8/4/2015 - A much nicer view. 8/4/2015 - Our crew. 8/4/2015 - Of course, we couldn't leave the area without visiting the famous Wall Drug. 8/4/2015 - We finally arrived at our campground, just outside Belle Fourche, South Dakota, where we would spend the next week. 8/4/2015 - Our campground had all the amenities of home, including personal chef... 8/4/2015 - ...and electronics charging station. 8/5/2015 - Day 5 began with a visit to the geographic center of the United States, in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. 8/5/2015 - The geographic center of the United States. 8/5/2015 - We stopped for lunch in Buffalo, South Dakota. 8/5/2015 - We also visited North Dakota on day 5. 8/6/2015 - Day 6 was spent in beautiful Wyoming. 8/6/2015 - We  visited Devil's Tower. 8/6/2015 -  Devil's Tower. 8/6/2015 - A trip to Wyoming isn't complete without stopping in Hulett. 8/6/2015 - Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to visit Montana. 8/7/2015 - Day 7 was a busy day. 8/7/2015 - We started out by visiting some Presidents at Mount Rushmore. 8/7/2015 - Then we rode Iron Mountain Road. 8/7/2015 - There was some amazing scenery, 8/7/2015 -  some great turns, 8/7/2015 - and even a few tunnels 8/7/2015 - Occasionally, we stopped to pose with the awesome backdrops. 8/7/2015 - We even found a small cave in the Black Hills. 8/7/2015 - We rode Needles Highway. 8/7/2015 - It was picturesque at every stop. 8/7/2015 - Sylvan Lake was our final stop along Needles Highway. 8/7/2015 - We also rode by Crazy Horse. 8/7/2015 - Crazy Horse is very impressive, but I wonder if it will ever be complete. 8/8/2015 - On Day 8 we finally went into Sturgis. 8/8/2015 - It was a tad bit crowded on Main Street. 8/8/2015 - I hope I can remember where I parked. 8/8/2015 - There's where I parked.  I found a nice parking space outside the Veterans Club. 8/8/2015 - We stopped by Easyriders Saloon. 8/8/2015 - We also managed to find a little rain in Sturgis. 8/8/2015 - We couldn't leave without visiting Full Throttle Saloon. 8/8/2015 - Full Throttle Saloon is a very interesting place. 8/8/2015 - If you look closely, you can see the zip lines. 8/9/2015 - Day 9 was pretty low key.  Aside from packing, and preparing for the trip home, we visited Deadwood, South Dakota. 8/10/2015 - It's day 10, and we're packed & ready to head back toward home. 8/10/2015 - Day 10 consisted of riding, and more riding.  We can check off another state, however. 8/11/2015 - On day 11 we decided to get off the main roads, and visit Richland Center, Wisconsin.  This is the American Legion Flag Park. 8/11/2015 - At the base of each flag is the name of a hero, from Richland County, Wisconsin, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his/her country. 8/12/2015 - We stopped at lots of interesting places on day 12. 8/12/2015 - Burlington, Kentucky Firefighters Memorial 8/12/2015 - Northern Kentucky Police Officers Memorial 8/12/2015 - Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Northeast 8/13/2015 - We started day 13 in Huntington, West, Virginia, so we had to visit the Marshall University Football Memorial. 8/13/2015 - We made a quick stop to see Mud River Covered Bridge. 8/13/2015 - We ended the day in Fayetteville, West Virginia, at the New River Gorge. 8/13/2015 - Here's a picture of the New River Bridge, taken from up top. 8/13/2015 - From high above, we could see the old Fayette Station bridge.  It was replaced by the massive New River Bridge. 8/13/2015 - We decided to ride down to the mountain, to the Fayette Station bridge at the bottom of the New River Gorge. 8/13/2015 - Our hotel had a great little bar and grill, where we were able to get some good food & drinks, and enjoy our time together. 8/14/2015 - We decided to stay another day in Fayetteville, West Virginia, so we could go rafting on the New River. 8/14/2015 - What an amazing way to end a rafting expedition! 8/14/2015 - We actually found a very nice (and delicious) Cajun restaurant. 8/15/2015 - On day 15, we took to the road again.  As we were riding along, we just stumbled across the awesome Humpback Bridge. 8/15/2015 - Here's a shot from inside Humpback Bridge. 8/15/2015 - This is the beautiful woman who shared this amazing trip with me. 8/15/2015 - We also found (by accident) a beautiful  waterfall - Falling Spring Falls. 8/15/2015 - Falling Spring Falls from above. 8/15/2015 - We decided to climb the fence, and make our way to the base of Falling Spring Falls. 8/15/2015 - There were lots of beautiful cascades at the bottom. 8/15/2015 - Yet another view of Falling Spring Falls 8/15/2015 - We got to attend New Orleans Saints training camp, being held at The Greenbrier, in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. 8/15/2015 - Some people met new "favorite" players. 8/16/2015 - On day 16, we returned to White Sulphur Springs for another day at Saints training camp. 8/16/2015 - I got quite a few items autographed by Drew Brees. 8/16/2015 - We arrived home just before dark on day 16. It was a spectacular trip, and best of all, I got to share it with this amazing lady.
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