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2014 Tour of Honor

The Tour of Honor is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our heroes, and contribute to veteran, police and fire charities. The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Beginning April 1, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose. The proceeds from the 2014 Tour of Honor will support Fisher House Foundation, Operation Comfort Warriors, and Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes.
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The list of sites was not released until 1 minute after midnight, Eastern time, on April 1st. I got up a few minutes before midnight, got myself ready, and waited for the sites to be released. I spent a little time after that mapping out a route, but because the first site of my route was in a park with specific (day-time) operating hours, I took another short nap prior to departing.
My goal for 2014 was to not only complete all 8 sites in the Carolinas region, but to obtain Iron Butt membership during the process. That meant I needed to travel at least 1000 miles in 24 hours, while stopping at all the sites in the Carolinas region.
Memorial #1
NC4 - Wright Brothers National Memorial
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Memorial #2
NC3 - WWI, WWII Memorial
Kinston, NC
Memorial #3
SC4 - Purple Heart Memorial
Myrtle Beach, SC
Memorial #4
SC3 - Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park
Mount Pleasant, SC

Memorial #5
SC2 - All Wars Memorial
Columbia, SC
Memorial #6
SC1 - All Wars Memorial
Clinton, SC
Memorial #7
NC2 - WWI Memorial
Jefferson, NC

Memorial #8
NC1 - Revolutionary War Monument
Greensboro, NC

Memorial #9
VA3 - Firefighters Memorial
Roanoke, VA
Memorial #10
VA4 - Vietnam War Memorial
Drakes Branch, VA
Memorial #11
TN7 - War Memorial
Elizabethton, TN

Memorial #12
TN6 - War Memorial
Rogersville, TN
Memorial #13
TN5 - U.S. Soldiers Memorial
Loudon, TN

Memorial #14
TN4 - Veterans Memorial Park
Dunlap, TN
Memorial #15
TN2 - Tennessee Firefighter Memorial
Bell Buckle, TN

Memorial #16
KY7 - Korean War Veterans Memorial
Paducah, KY
Memorial #17
MO7 - WWI Memorial
Benton, MO
Memorial #18
AR6 - Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial
Mountain Home, AR
Memorial #19
AR1 - B-52 Memorial
Blytheville, AR
Memorial #20
TN1 - Veterans Memorial
Alamo, TN
Memorial #21
TN3 - War Memorial
Livingston, TN
Memorial #22
VA2 - DOT Workers Memorial
Charlottesville, VA
Memorial #23
PA7 - Flight 93 Memorial
Shanksville, PA
Memorial #24
VA5 - Civil War Balloonists Memorial
Richmond, VA
Memorial #25
VA6 - War Vererans Memorial
Hopewell, VA
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